June 8, 2017

Read this piece for yourself, and then determine whether you feel he was right in his words and actions! Is it fair for those who have woken up to the dangers of vaccines and to question them to be labelled as "terrorists"?


June 7, 2016


Dear Judge Boshier,

I am writing to you with a matter of some urgency and in the hope that you may be able to assist me with my inquiry. Whilst I fully appreciate that this approach is perhaps unorthodox, or irregular, there a...

April 26, 2016

by Gayle Dickson

Medical professionals, scientists, vaccine safety advocates and the general public are not satisified with the recent EMA conclusion regarding HPV vaccine safety, and neither are we!

We are not willing to accept the fact that the written statement on H...

January 27, 2016

Stuart McCutcheon, Vice Chancellor Auckland University,



Jonathan Coleman, New Zealand Health Minister, jonathan.coleman@parliament.govt.nz

John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister, john.key@parliament.govt.nz

Simon O’Connor, Chair of New Zeala...

September 9, 2015

Updated: 16 Sept 2011

by: Charlotte Haug. Editor-in-chief of The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association

A shorter version of this article was published in New Scientist magazine on 1 October 2011

We need to talk about HPV vaccination – seriously

Should we v...

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