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Gardasil: Take a closer look

By Lloyd Phillips

Updated 29 September 2014

Gardasil is a vaccine manufactured by MERCK Pharmaceuticals, who advertise your daughter will be one less victim of cervical cancer if they take advantage of this new wonder drug. MERCK is also the $134 Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Corporation found guilty in a court of law for causing at least 27,000 heart attacks with its last FDA approved drug, VIOXX.

MERCK claims Gardasil prevents cancer in girls in an age group that almost never gets cervical cancer, so it’s impossible to know if it really works. It’s also uncertain how well Gardasil will perform in the real world, instead of with hand-picked, clinical-trial subjects.

Take a look at a current Clinical Trial for Gardasil called the MOTHER-DAUGHTER INITIATIVE. Among other things, all girls with allergies are excluded from participation. Is this to make the vaccine look good during testing? How can the exclusion criteria used in this trial provide any sort of indication as to how the vaccine will perform under real-life conditions?

Gardasil is made by taking several sexually transmitted viruses that are grown in a fungus (yeast) to make them quickly and cheaply multiply. MERCK then Genetically Modifies the Gardasil vaccine ingredient by extracting the L1 proteins from the viruses grown in the fungus, and apparently bound them to aluminum nano-particles accidentally somewhere during the manufacturing process. This created a new chemical compound of unknown toxicity.

MERCK warns people on its website not to get the vaccine if they are allergic to yeast, but neglects to tell parents that an allergy to mold, fungus, and anything else in the Fungal Kingdom may cause a severe allergic shock (which MERCK claims is simply fainting, but which occurs well after the shot is administered), or even death.

Pediatricians appear to have ignored these warnings with every girl interviewed in our study.

The Genetically Modified, fungal contaminated L1 proteins from the sexually transmitted viruses are then injected into your child’s body, along with aluminum nano-particles that hyper-activate the immune system by causing inflammation. The immune system is supposed to make antibodies against the sexually transmitted viral proteins that last several years or more. These antibodies do nothing to effect the production of P53 and other immune system chemicals which also help control cancer.

In short, if your daughter has sex, she can get the same antibodies naturally, with no fear of anaphylactic shock or autoimmune disease, and you don’t have to pay $600.00. Perhaps her new boyfriend is not such a bad investment after all.

MERCK conveniently fails to tell parents that an HPV infection does not cause cancer, and that you need a pathogen, such as Epstein Barr Virus, or other risk factors being present to turn a persistent HPV infection into cancer.

The first line of this PEER REVIEWED and PUBLISHED ABSTRACT says it all:

“Infection with high risk Human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) is necessary but not sufficient to cause cervical carcinoma.”

Merck is asking citizens of the world to inject their children with a vaccine to prevent viral infections which not only clear up spontaneously in the vast majority of instances, but viral infections which are ‘not sufficient’ to cause cervical cancer.

So, you tell me – exactly what is Gardasil good for – besides Merck’s bottom line?

Source: SaneVax

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