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Lower Hutt, NZ - RIP

Gardasil proves lethal!


Last update: Written by Hilary Butler - 14.01.2010



Jasmine was a very healthy girl, with no history of any health issues at all.


After her first Gardasil vaccination (NJ02260) on18th September 2008 Jasmine broke out with warts on her hands, and her skin and moods changed. The warts were burned off on the 20th October, and didn’t come back.


After the second vaccination (NJ11440) on 18th November, her moods were worse, and the warts were back within two weeks and were burned off on the 28th January 2009. 


After Jasmine’s third vaccine (NJ11440) on 17th March 2009 like clockwork, within two weeks, the warts were back for yet a third time.  It should be noted that at the same time as the Gardasil vaccination, Jasmine was given Depo Provera (birth control) by her doctor.


But we all know, because we’ve all been told this… that Gardasil has nothing to do with development of either warts, or genital warts. We are told that they would have happened anyway. Yet the repeated eruption of the warts, three times, after each vaccine cannot be coincidence.  How many other girls have had this happen and been told it wasn’t related?


After each Gardasil vaccine, Jasmine’s mood and behaviour changed, but like all mothers of teenage children, Jasmine’s mother, Rhonda, put that down to stresses in Jasmine’s life, and perhaps those “social” things that teenagers chose not to talk about…. Every little symptom that Jasmine had, was smoothed away with a variety of possible causes. Her chest pains were brushed to one side.  Racing heart beats ignored.  The fact that she was waking up in bed with pillow sopping wet was considered at the time to be coincidental. The fact that she could no longer do simple tasks automatically, or make decisions was puzzling, and worrying, … but dismissed.


That is until Jasmine died and the jigsaw was pieced together. Then the blindingly obvious hit everyone in the face.  Except the medical profession, so it would seem.


After Jasmine’s third Gardasil vaccination on 17th March 2009 , Jasmine’s immune system really struggled to cope with anything. Pretty much immediately straight after it, Jasmine’s temperament became even more agitated and she was a lot snappier.  She complained every so often about a weak arm and tiredness during the day, but we thought that was her doing more shifts for other people than in the past.  She slept in the day, whenever possible.


However, the arm pain continued and she used to get pins and needles and tingling in her hands for no reason.  Jasmine started sleeping in, longer in the morning, and also going to sleep in the middle of the day before her afternoon shift.  She started dropping things.

She also started to eat more than normal, but wasn’t putting on weight.


From June 2009 onwards, Jasmine started to complain of feeling clumsy. She started saying things like, “God, I’m getting clumsy!” and she was knocking things over, and dropping stuff.  She complained that she was dropping things at work as well.  Her mood swings became more volatile.


About the same time, we started to notice that Jasmine’s thinking wasn’t right.  For instance, she asked me if I’d like her to grate some carrots.  I said Yes, please.  She got out the grater and the carrot, looked at me, and said, “Which way up does the grater go?”  Having grated carrots, cheese and stuff hundreds of times before, that was a surprise.  Even Jasmine would say something like, “Gee how dumb is that!”  This wasn’t a one-off.  In other little things too, where in the past she’d just do it, she didn’t seem to know how.  It was like re-teaching a child.


And then she’d ask me, ‘What should I do with my money this week?”  This was a girl who certainly knew what to do with her money in the past. 


Looking back, it seems she’d just lose the plot occasionally. She stopped being able to make her own decisions or work out how to do simple things.   She was even asking me whether she should do other people’s shifts at work.  I got to the point where I thought, “This girl is losing her marbles… where is her decision making gone?  Why can’t she do simple things any more?”


Around May, Jasmine started to complain of sore legs, and a sore upper back.


In July, Jasmine intermittently complained of chest pain, and a racing heart.  We’d ask her if she was stressed but she said she wasn’t.  Her workmates have said that Jazz became very tired and grumpy.  She would snap at them, and complain about feeling unwell a lot of the time, and would talk about having to fit sleep around her shifts.


At the beginning of August, Jasmine got a cold.  Normally, her colds might last two days and she had never needed anything for them before this one, but this one just got worse, and worse.  She also complained of a sore achy back and abdominal pain. And the warts returned again.


Jasmine’s cold never got better, and on 21st September, the day before she died, she was still complaining of a runny nose which wouldn’t stop.  She also had quite a few headaches during that cold, and leading up to her death.  Her skin changed, with a lot more pimples than normal, which really upset her. Jasmine also talked about going to have more liquid nitrogen on the warts.


In a photo the day before she died, she didn’t look right.  Her hair was lanky and she was very tired.  But even so, she was constantly hungry and eating a lot more than normal.  Eating more than normal didn’t seem to fit with a constantly tired sick girl, who had had a cold for more than six weeks. Jasmine went downhill emotionally, physically and mentally, but no-one saw it for what it was, at the time because … “these things don’t happen after Gardasil”.


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Gardasil Awareness NZ or their volunteers.

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