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Auckland, NZ

Where has my daughter gone?


Last update: August 2015


Kate is a beautiful 13 year old who suddenly developed a very rare form of Limbic Encephalitis after her Gardasil shots.


Her body is producing extremely rare antibodies that are attacking her brain, tests have been sent to both Australia and the UK, with no conclusive answers to date.


Kate shaved her hair off in 2014 to raise money for cancer and, in an ironic twist of fate, Kate now faces medical issues herself.


The damage to Kate's brain causes psychosis, with constant headaches and short term memory loss. 


She has had Steroids, IVIG and 5 blood plasmapheresis exchanges and underwent a type of chemotherapy that was being used to hopefully strip her system of these antibodies. It didn't work and her immune system is now totally suppressed.


Kate picked up the chicken pox virus and the neurologist said that in her condition it could be life threatening. Kate has been admitted to more hospital wards than she cares to remember!


Kate is continually fighting this horrible condition. She is unable to attend school daily, currently she manages about two to three half days a week, with her mother looking into homeschooling. Most days she struggles to get out of bed and at least two days of the week she just can not do it !


Through extensive research the family discovered three absolutely amazing practitioners who have put Kate on IV Vitamin C and are working with the enormous amount of toxicity in her system. To date this is the only form of treatment that has helped with her brain swelling and 24/7 excruciating headaches.


Kate's Give A Little page can be found HERE.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Gardasil Awareness NZ or their volunteers.

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