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Recovering from the Gardasil Vaccine: A Long and Complicated Process

by Gayle Dickson

It certainly has been a trying journey, this road to health and happiness for my daughter, Tawni (you'll find her story in the VICTIM section of this website). Having had her course of three Gardasil vaccines during the latter half of 2010, it wasn't until about a year ago that the dots were joined and the connection to Gardasil was made. Prior to that, we'd battled head-on with mainstream practitioners who blamed everything under the sun ... except the vaccine!

In my quest to prevent other girls suffering the same dire consequences as Tawni (and to ensure that those who haven't yet had the vaccine are as fully informed as I wasn't!) I have read more medical papers and documents that I would ever have deemed prudent, necessary or indeed likely! I am in no way medically inclined ... and loathed even basic biology during my school years. It therefore takes me hours to digest published studies, and I still can't wrap my head around half the medical terminology.

What I can say for sure is that I've learned a lot ... about the vaccine, about pharmaceutical companies and about political lobbying. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if I was actually more informed now on the facts surrounding Gardasil than most of the mainstream doctors and various politicians I've had the mispleasure of dealing with.

I've realised, for one thing, that it's not just my daughter who is in this awful position. Via various support groups, I am in regular contact with mothers, daughters and now sons around the world. They're all telling a very similar story. Some of the symptoms vary, but there's definitely a pattern. If I can see it, why can't those who matter??

One of the stories I came upon recently in my extensive researching, was penned by Charlotte Nielsen about her daughter Sara. They hail from Denmark, and there story is here: The Gardasil Experience in Denmark.

Sadly, like us, Charlotte and Sara had to personally navigate areas of medicine they knew little about; having no experts to guide them, they had no choice!

Charlotte recently wrote a fantastic article for Hormones Matter, detailing their journey toward recovery from Gardasil.

As she says: "As families of Gardasil-injured girls we have had fights with our respective governments to recognise the illnesses that were born from this vaccine. In Denmark and Japan, the battles we fought have begun to bear some success. Researchers are uncovering new connections, and medical institutions are beginning to recognise the post Gardasil health issues. We are making progress, but there is still much to do."

Have a read of the article in which she discusses issues such as POTS, CRP, ME, Mitochondria, neurological damage, media coverage and more.

As she concludes: "There is no quick cure fitting everybody. It is an individual and very long process to find the appropriate treatment. There exists great consensus on certain issues. Namely, that we need more testing and research. The more we know about post Gardasil damage at the molecular level, the better a treatment could be adjusted precisely for each patient. Along with more research and improved testing, we need to understand the relationship between this vaccine and the range of side-effects that develop. This will uncover causal connections to the vaccine injuries. Most importantly, we need to share experiences and research. This will help those who need to recover, and hopefully, prevent future victims."

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