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Minister remains defiant there's no harm!

by Gayle Dickson

What a feeble response to further questioning from a concerned member of the public from the NZ Minister of Health! This member of the public does NOT have a direct link to Gardasil, but she does hail from a nursing background ... she is concerned enough about the harms this vaccine is capable of doing that she is speaking up very publicly here in NZ, raising the heckles of many (except us - we love her!)

What is enlightening about the Dr Coleman's response is the fact that he admits the number of cases that have been confirmed by CARM as Gardasil related adverse events!

568 reported / 478 related (according to them!) in New Zealand.

My question here is how many having gone and are still going unrecorded ... I dealt with my daughter's ailments for four years before linking her symptoms to Gardasil thanks to the fact that medical professionals in NZ are either unwilling to admit the link, or are just too uneducated to make the connection. I therefore only filed my CARM report! on her injuries post-Gardasil nearly five years after the first vaccination!

Other questions I have on those numbers above include:

  • where are all these injured victims?

  • who is treating them?

  • how many are severe?

Oh, I so can't wait for some mainstream media coverage to get this out in the open! (There are a couple of avenues about to go public with our stories, and we have been offered the services of a very talented videographer who is putting together my daughter's story in a professional video documentary.

What is scary about the Minister's response is that apparently they've run a trial on Gardasil 9 here in NZ ... but on 9 people! Really? That's going to tell you what exactly? Even if these nine subjects formed part of a larger international trial, this truly isn't sufficient data to base any actual fact on. Yet I can almost guarantee that IMAC and MEDSAFE will base their future advice to parents on this piddly little number!

It's also scary that he is still relying on the FDA information regards the DNA contamination!

"Medsafe also seeks expert advice when necessary" ... what is deemed necessary, and who is the advise sought from? Surely not IMAC!

I find the Minister rather dismissive in his concluding paragraph - the issue will not be "fully canvassed" until we are "fully satisfied, Mr Coleman!

Watch this space is my word to the Minister, CARM, Medsafe and IMAC!!

Read the next blog for this lady's response to Dr Coleman :)

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