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Large study proves Gardasil safe. Where is the control group?

A flood of media reports this week hailed a new study conducted by Kaiser Permanente as further ‘proof’ of Gardasil’s safety.

The major problem is this ‘study’ proves absolutely nothing.

The study was conducted by pulling the medical records of 189,629 young women who had been administered ‘at least one dose’ of the infamous Gardasil. Never mind the fact that a mere 44,001 of them had taken the entire series of three injections. (Red flag, anyone?)

These records were then searched for emergency room visits and hospitalisations (What about adverse events that were not so serious?) in ‘predefined’ diagnostic categories (Who defined these categories?) at various intervals (day 1, days 1-14, and days 1-60).

The only thing this type of comparison will show is whether a person is more likely to need emergency care or hospitalisation during a time period close to vaccine administration, or at a later date.

One also has to wonder what the ‘predefined’ conditions were and whether they had any relationship at all to the adverse events reported in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database after HPV vaccinations.

The most glaring omission is the complete lack of a control group. There is not one young woman in this study who was not vaccinated with Gardasil.

How can you possibly prove any medical procedure is safe when you only examine those who have received that procedure?

Access the abstract HERE; judge for yourself.

It doesn’t take a Masters Degree in science to see that this so-called ‘study’ proves absolutely nothing relating to the safety of Gardasil.

Is it any wonder that:

"This study did not detect evidence of new safety concerns among females 9 to 26 years of age secondary to vaccination with HPV4”?

You cannot detect a safety signal if you are not looking for one. You cannot detect a safety signal when you have no control group composed of people who were not administered Gardasil to compare against.

​This ‘study’ demonstrated NOTHING.

Nevertheless, medical consumers were assaulted with the following information:

  • Reuters Health, 1 Oct – “A study of nearly 190,000 young women injected with Merck & Co’s human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil found no new safety concerns.”

  • Businessweek, 1 Oct – “Merck & Co. (MRK)’s Gardasil, the human papillomavirus vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, was shown to be safe in the second large-scale study in the past year of side effects since the drug was approved six years ago.”

  • Los Angeles Times – 1 Oct – “A large study of the safety of the HPV vaccine has turned up no unexpected side effects.”

  • FiercePharma – 2 Oct – “Relax, parents, vaccine researchers say. Merck’s ($MRK) human papillomavirus vaccine has proven safe in another large study designed to gauge its side effects.”

  • Medical News Today – 3 Oct – “The HPV4 vaccine, Gardasil, is safe for adolescent girls and young women in routine clinical care,…..”

Very few of these articles mention any concerns about Gardasil at all. If they do, it is near the end of the article. Is this done in the hope that most people will not read the entire article?

This ‘study’ alone is enough to make it painfully apparent that medical consumers are on their own.

Buyer Beware! Do your own research – investigate before you vaccinate.

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