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BREAKING NEWS – Charges of Manipulation of Data and Science regards HPV vaccine safety

by Gayle Dickson

Gardasil Awareness New Zealand (GANZ) is delighted with the news that Dr Sin Hang Lee has filed an Open Letter to the Director General of WHO (World Health Organisation) Dr Margaret Chan charging various individuals and organisations with manipulation of data and science regarding HPV vaccine safety.

GANZ spokesperson, Gayle Dickson, says the news is a relief. “I have personally been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall in my attempt to point out to our Minister of Health that there are issues surrounding the safety of HPV vaccines, and in particular Gardasil; that this vaccine isn’t safe; that girls in growing numbers around the world are falling prey to unnecessary illnesses – all thanks to a vaccination that was sold to the general public as the cure-all for cervical cancer!”

Ms Dickson, while elated at the charges, says it’s also a very sad day for HPV vaccine recipients in New Zealand and globally. “Essentially, our worst fears have been confirmed … the symptoms suffered by the recipients is not ‘in their heads’ as they’re so often told! It’s all too real … and very frightening!

“A major highlight for us, though, is that governments and health officials around the world will now HAVE to investigate the vaccine further. We hope that New Zealand leads the pack, as we’ve done many times throughout history, and actually goes as far as ceasing immunisation with this vaccine immediately. I can’t see why they wouldn’t! Do we really want to keep vaccinating girls, and some boys, with a vaccine whose safety aspects are now serious under fire?”

Ms Dickson is further concerned that Dr Jonathan Coleman, the NZ health ministry, MARC and CARM all rely heavily on Dr Helen Petoussis-Harris for information regards vaccine. “To hear that she has been named as one of those who have allegedly misled an official enquiry into the HPV vaccine’s safety is worrying, to say the least. If a person of such standing can be deceitful about this, what else do we have to be concerned about?”

Dr Jonathan Coleman (NZ Minister for Health), Prime Minister John Key, Dr Helen Petoussis-Harris (Immune Advisory Centre) and Simon O’Connor (Select Health Committee Chairman) have been approached for comment.

For further information and interviews, please contact:

Gayle Dickson, Founder, Gardasil Awareness New Zealand

T: +64 21 281 7699


Accompanying Documentation:

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