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Holding the EMA to account

by Gayle Dickson

Medical professionals, scientists, vaccine safety advocates and the general public are not satisified with the recent EMA conclusion regarding HPV vaccine safety, and neither are we! We are not willing to accept the fact that the written statement on HPV vaccine safety issued by the European Medicines Agency spent more time attempting to discredit those who filed medically documented questions than it did dealing with an honest evaluation of the safety concerns being raised around the world after Gardasil and Cervarix administration.

Medical consumers are no longer willing to accept the word of purported experts unless it is backed up by sound science!

Therefore, the following letter was just emailed to over 120 European Medicines Agency representatives, with 446 signatures representing HPV vaccine survivors from over 30 countries, requesting scientifically documented answers to the attached questions and an open public meeting with participants from both sides of the debate invited to discuss HPV vaccine safety.

Read the entire letter here - April 2016 Open Letter to EMA

See the signatories to the letter here - Signatures EMA letter

Read the questions being raised here - Questions to EMA final

How can anyone tell you that this vaccine is SAFE? I've just been reading a study that came out of Canada, entitled Adverse events following HPV vaccination (Liu XC, et al. Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006–2014. Vaccine (2016), and while I can't publish the study in its entirety here due to copyright regulations, I will highlight a few facts that raised eyebrows:

  • Among the 195,270 females who received HPV vaccine, 958 were hospitalized (1053 hospitalization events) within 42 days of immunization.

  • The large majority of those hospitalized were aged 9–14 years (66.0%) or 15–19 years (22.0%).

  • Among those who received HPV vaccine, 19,351 had an ED visit within 42 days of immunization (26,849 events). Of these, 713 also had a hospitalization within 42 days.

This study concerns me for the fact that all the figures stop at 42 days! In our experience of Gardasil related injuries, we've seen symptoms creep in over a period of months. We've also noted that while many report one or a few symptoms abating (either naturally or through the use of detox programs), other symptoms then appear. If this vaccine is so safe, why are so many thousands of girls and boys around the world still suffering so many years down the track?

This vaccine is NOT safe ... not to a point where they can wholeheartedly make that claim! For some bizarre reason, all safety issues discussed or reviewed are rejected out of hand Guard Yourself is a video ALL parents considering this vaccine should watch BEFORE they allow their precious boys or girls anywhere near it!

Some salients points from the above video:

  • According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of March 2014, more than 34,000 adverse events have been reported.

  • It is estimated that less than 10% of all vaccine related health problems are reported to VAERS.

  • While females in this age group ((under 30) have a near-zero risk of dying of cervical cancer, they are faced with the risk of dying and [having] a permanently disabling condition from a vaccine that has not prevented a single case of cervical cancer to date - Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD, Neural Dynamics Research Group.

And here's a kicker: In a clinical trial conducted by the manufacturer of Gardasil, 1 out of every 912 girls who received Gardasil in the study died!

One thing that really jumps out is that in the cases of both Jessica and Christina, much like other incidences of death we hear of post-Gardasil, the causes of death were ruled as "cause undetermined" ... our question is this: Surely a death in someone so young, so otherwise healthy should never be undetermined .... surely we need to keep looking to find an actual cause?

We'd ask that if you have contact with any media, any health authorities, your local MP etc, that you forward them a copy of the letter to the EMA. Let's take a stand and make them ALL accountable for the injuries being suffered by those vaccinated with Gardasil.

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