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Ode to Gardasil

Sandy's poem......


Come here dear little children Now you’re nine years old We want the very best for you So please be brave and bold

When you get this little jab It’ll give you some pain But it’ll be so good for you Tho’ it might affect your brain It gives your little bodies Such a healthy feast: Aluminium and histidine Some virus strains and yeast There’s polysorbate 80 But we don’t mind at all The nurses here will catch you If you do faint or fall There’s borax which kills cockroaches No joking, it is true But the experts have told us That it surely won’t kill you There are many thousands Of side effects we hear But we hope that you’ll be lucky And have nothing to fear In fact nobody knows If the jab will prevent Any type of cancer In any event Some medical experts Do in fact declare That the jab may give you cancer And they don’t know if it’s rare We really want some grandchildren When you become mature The jab may make you sterile Tho’ nobody is sure!

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