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Claim that NZ uses ‘safe vaccines’ -­ a sick joke

by Gayle Dickson

Founder, Gardasil Awareness New Zealand

A recent statement by Dr. Nicky Turner that New Zealand uses only “safe vaccines” is surely a sick joke!

Considering the number of young women who have either died or become very ill following HPV vaccinations, Dr. Turner claim that New Zealand uses ‘safe vaccines’ doesn’t stand up to close examination.

I can only assume that Dr. Turner’s idea of a ‘safe vaccine’ is very different from that of the average parent or even a normal person. Most parents expect vaccines to protect their children’s health, not to cause serious illness or even possibly death.

An “increasing number of scientific studies” have linked HPV vaccines with serious adverse effects and “provide a scientific explanation” why some previously healthy HPV vaccine recipients have died unexpectedly after receiving the shot.

Dr. Nicky Turner made the highly dubious claim that NZ uses ‘safe vaccines that make a dramatic difference to children’s lives’ when she was responding to comments about measles and MMR vaccination made by Katherine Smith from No Forced Vaccines on Radio NZ’s Morning Report on May 17.

Dr Turner is frequently interviewed about vaccines as a spokeswoman for the Immunisation Advisory Centre, an organisation that receives funding from both the Ministry of Health and pharmaceutical companies that distribute vaccines in New Zealand.

Listen to Katherine Smith's interview HERE or on RadioNZ HERE.

The Radio New Zealand interviewer herself deserves a brick bat, in my opinion. The audible intakes of breath here and there were indicative of a self-imposed censorship on what Katherine Smith was attempting to get across. Totally unprofessional!

I have to ask myself whether she had in fact down any research on the topic prior to having Katherine on air! I highly doubt it, otherwise she may well have been able to pose thought-provoking questions that could actually take the discussion somewhere! Perhaps she might like to take the time to read the actual Lancet paper By Dr Andrew Wakefield!

Read the Lancet paper HERE.

Under the Bill of Rights, you are required by law to receive informed consent prior to vaccination. That means your health practitioner MUST provide disclosure of risk vs benefits. No one has the right to make that decision for you or to coerce you! The information in the Medsafe data sheet ought to read by everyone. Don't rely on the handouts that are sent out through schools or lay in bundles in the doctor's waiting rooms ... if your doctor won't give you the full product data insert, just Google it!

New Zealand families that have been adversely affected by HPV vaccines are planning rallies as part of a global protest about the continuing promotion of HPV vaccines as “safe” by the pharmaceutical industry and some doctors, despite the mounting toll of serious adverse reactions and deaths following HPV vaccinations.

Educate yourself, educate your children ... stop being led like lambs to the slaughter, and stop listening to those who would no longer have a high paying job and a significant media presence (denied to those fighting vaccines in all forms!) if vaccines were official disputed for what they truly are!

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